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Sheshnag Lake

Sheshnag Lake

Located at an elevation of 3,590 m, Sheshnag Lake is a high altitude lake that is situated in the mesmerizing Kashmir Valley. The mystical lake surrounded by the snow-clad mountains hosts several species of fish along with the brown trout. As Sheshnag Lake is an oligotrophic lake, meaning, it contains less nutrients and more oxygen levels, it provides the perfect condition for the fishes to flourish. It has a high drinking quality.

The melting of streams and snow from the mountains surrounding Sheshnag Lake feeds it and it eventually joins the Lidder River in Pahalgam. Sheshnag Lake falls en route AmarnathYatra and every year thousands of devotees undertake the holy Amarnath Yatra starting from Pahalgam or Chandanwari.

Spiritual and nature seekers undertake the trek to Sheshnag Lake, the route to which is quite challenging. But despite the challenging route, the number of people visiting this pristine location never seems to falter. After all, the serenity and the enchanting experience of seeing this spectacular beauty and touching the icy cold waters of Sheshnag Lake is something no amount of words can describe.

Mythology About Sheshnag Lake

Legend has it that when Lord Shiva was travelling to Amarnath Cave with Maa Parvati in order to recite her the Amar Katha, he left his belongings at each point of the track. At Sheshnag Lake, Lord Shiva is said to have left the snake from his neck.

There is also another legend that says that Sheshnag Lake belongs to Lord Sheshnag, the Lord of Snakes. He is believed to have dug the lake himself.

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