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DOs and DON’Ts During Amarnath Yatra

DOs and DON’Ts During Amarnath Yatra

Since the Amarnath pilgrimage takes you to unfamiliar territory of rocky cliffs, low oxygen weather, and unpredictable climate, it is advised to follow certain rules and regulations before and during the pilgrimage. Below there are few traveling tips and guide for the pilgrims to follow in order to take special care during the Amarnath Yatra.

Importants DOs

  1. Achieve physical fitness
  2. Physical fitness is essential for completing Amarnath Yatra with ease. We advise you to take morning or evening walks for at least 4-5 km regularly for a month prior to Amarnath Yatra. As Amarnath Cave Temple is situated at a high altitude you need to increase the oxygen efficiency of your body. Practice deep breathing exercises and yoga, particularly pranayama.

  3. Carry woollen clothes and other essentials
  4. Amarnath Yatra will take you through cold weather at high altitudes where cold winds will be blowing constantly. You must carry woollen clothing, small umbrella with a strap around the chin to cover your head, raincoat, waterproof trekking shoes, torch, walking stick, woollen cap, jacket, and socks. The climate at the yatra route changes abruptly and hence all the above mentioned items are essential.

  5. Wear appropriate clothing
  6. Ladies are advised to wear either salwar kameez, pant-shirt, or a track suit. Do not wear sari as it will make the journey very difficult. Keep in mind that ladies pregnant for more than 6 weeks are not allowed to undertake the yatra. Wear trekking shoes that are convenient for rainy weather too. Don’t wear slippers.

  7. Adhere to the age limit
  8. Children below 13 years and elderly persons above 75 years are not allowed to undertake the pilgrimage owing to the challenging nature of the trek. Adhere to the age limit and enjoy a safe travel.

  9. Carry light eatables and skin protection creams
  10. Ensure that you carry enough water and some light snacks like dry fruits, grams, jaggery, and chocolates with you for the journey. Carry the eatables in a water proof bag.
    Also, don’t forget to carry some cold creams and sunscreens to protect your face and hands from sunburn.

  11. Don’t leave your group
  12. Always travel in a group and ensure that all those comprising the group, walking in front of you or in the rear, always remain in your sight, to ensure against your being separated from them.

  13. Respect nature
  14. Earth, water, air, fire and sky are integral parts of Lord Shiva. Respect the environment throughout the pilgrimage and don’t do things like throwing wrappers and plastics, plucking leaves and flowers, and other nuisance that disrupts nature.

  15. Always carry your group information
  16. When you are travelling in group, always ensure that you carry the information of your group with you in case you get separated from the group. Police will assist you in reuniting with your group. On your return journey, it is mandatory to leave the base camp with all the group members. In case any member of your group is missing, seek immediate assistance of the police and have an announcement made.

  17. Carry first-aid
  18. Although medical facilities are available during the Yatra, a first aid is an essential.

  19. Follow all guidelines
  20. Amarnath Yatra administration issues instruction regarding the yatra from time to time. The instructions should be strictly followed.

Important DON’Ts

  1. Check where you are standing/stopping
  2. Don’t stop at places which are marked by warning notices. The route of Amarnath Yatra is a tough one and you must be aware throughout the yatra.

  3. Don’t use slippers
  4. There are steep rises and falls on the route to the Holy Amarnath Cave. Also, the climate is prone to fluctuations. You should only wear trekking shoes with laces.

  5. Don’t opt for shortcuts
  6. Don’t attempt any short cuts on the route as doing so would be dangerous and could separate you from your group and the rest of the pilgrims.

  7. Don’t cause pollution
  8. Do not do anything during your entire journey which could cause pollution or disturb the environment of the Yatra area. Use of plastics is strictly banned in the State and is punishable under law. Amarnath Yatra is a sacred yatra. Maintain the sanctity of the area by respecting nature.

  9. Don’t consume intoxicants and non-veg during yatra
  10. As Amarnath Yatra is a sacred yatra consuming intoxicants and non-veg is strictly prohibited. Moreover, consuming intoxicants and heavy foods will make the journey extremely difficult for you.

  11. Don’t carry oily foods
  12. Do not carry oily foods and foods rich in carbohydrates. Try to indulge the best you can in protein rich foods like nuts, chana, and dry fruits.

Here are some more useful tips for Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Yatra is a challenging one and we highly recommend that you obey and keep in mind all the dos and don’ts mentioned here. Prepare for the journey effectively and make it a memorable one.

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