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Amarnath Weather

Amarnath Weather

Weather in Amarnath Yatra

Since Amarnath Temple is situated at a high elevation of 4,420 m/14,500 ft., the weather and climate changes here abruptly and the weather conditions are pretty unpredictable.Sunny weather may turn into rain or snowfall in a short time.

Current Weather in Amarnath, Jammu & Kashmir


Amarnath in Summers (May to October)

Baba Amarnath has the most ideal weather during summers. At this time, the climate of Amarnath becomes quite pleasant and Amarnath Yatra is undertaken during this period in the month of July and August.The average temperature remains at around 15°C and pilgrims come here in large numbers.

Amarnath in Monsoons (July-August)

During monsoon, the weather in the Amarnath region becomes unstable. Sudden rain bursts are prone in the area and the roads are slippery. The unstable climate and the slippery roads makes it extremely difficult for travellers and pilgrims to climb through the curved paths.

As the Amarnath pilgrimage takes place during late summers and the onset of monsoon, special care is taken for the pilgrims during this time. The pilgrimage is usually suspended during the rains and restarted once the weather clears.

Amarnath in Winters (November-April)

Winters in Amarnath is extremely cold with temperature going as low as -5℃.The region experiences heavy snowfall and the whole are is covered under a thick blanket of snow.

Amarnath Yatra is closed during this time and no one is allowed to visit Amarnath during this period.

When is the most ideal time to visit Amarnath Temple?

The most ideal time to visit Amarnath Temple  is during summers. The famous Amarnath Yatra is undertaken during this time and the Amarnath temperature averages around 15°C.

Here’s some useful tips for Amarnath Yatra.

Month-wise Weather Forecast at Amarnath

Amarnath Month wise Weather Details
Amarnath in May The heavy snow around the Amaranth region gradually starts to melt and the region began to be hospitable. Climate is warm during day with very less chance of rainfall. Still, heavy woolens are required in this region in the month of May.
Amarnath in June The weather starts getting warmer and most of the snow in the region has melted. This month marks the beginning of Amarnath pilgrimage season. The landscape around the Amaranth region starts to blossom.
Amarnath in July With the Amarnath Yatra taking placing full swing during this month, the weather is pleasant thought this month. However, the unpredictable monsoon could suspend the pilgrimage for few days until the weather clears.
Amarnath in August This month sees the end of two month long Amarnath Yatra which concludes around mid-August. The weather is still pleasant though the impending monsoon catches the region in its grip. Light drizzles and cloudburst can be expected during this month. Maximum Temperature: 15
Amarnath in September The nature looks fresh and beautiful with a slight rainfall at few places. September climate is moderately cold as the impending winter knocks the door. The roads leading to Amarnath region is closed as the winter approaches.
Amarnath in October Max Temperature: 12C and Minimum Temperature: 5C. Amarnath Weather is cold now as the winter finally sets in the Amarnath region.  The region loses its sheath of green pastures and gradually the snow starts to accumulate in the region.
Amarnath in November Max Temperature: 4C and Minimum Temperature: 0C. November offers a very cold climate and heavy snowfall covers the entire region under thick sheets of snow. The region becomes inhospitable.
Amarnath in December Max Temperature: 1C and Minimum Temperature: -3C December is extremely cold. The roads are blanketed with snow and the climate is hostile with the temperature reaching below zero.
Amarnath in January Max Temperature: 0C and Minimum Temperature: -5C Temperature of Amarnath in January is freezing cold with heavy snowfall. The weather is as harsh as it could get.
Amarnath in February Max Temperature: -1C and Minimum Temperature: -5C Temperature in January is freezing cold with heavy snowfall. The weather is as harsh as it could get with no vegetation in the region.
Amarnath in March Max Temperature: 1C and Minimum Temperature: 0C Finally, the winter starts to gradually recede. The weather is still freezing cold with heavy snow but the temperature starts to rise up.
Amarnath in April Max Temperature: 4C and Minimum Temperature: 2C The winter slowly leaves the region as the snow starts to melt. The landscape is still under thin sheets of snow, but the temperature has risen up. Nights are still very cold.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Amarnath Yatra

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Suresh sata
Suresh sata
1 year ago

Amarnath yatra going today or not
any one know please advise and also if any have news for tommorow

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