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Legend and Mythology of Baba Amarnath

According to Amarnath Mahatamya, Maa Parvati asked Lord Shiva why and when He started wearing the beads of heads (Mund Mala). Lord Shiva replied, whenever you are reborn, I add a head in my bead. Maa Parvati replied ‘Lord, my body is destroyed every time I die yet you are immortal. Please let me know the secret of this immortality.’ My immorality is due to the Amar Katha, replied Lord Shiva.

Maa Parvati insisted that she also wants to hear the Amar Katha. After postponing her request several times, Lord Shiva finally gave in and made up his mind to tell the secret of immortality to Maa Parvati. He was searching for a lonely place where no living being could listen to it. He finally set his sight on Amarnath cave and in preparation for reaching there, left Nandi (The Bull which He used to ride) at Pahalgam (Bail Gaon). At Chandanwari, He released Moon from his locks. At the banks of Lake Sheshnag, He released the snakes. He decided to leave his Son Ganesha at Mahagunas Parvat.

At Panjtarni, Lord Shiva left the five elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky), of which he is the Lord, behind. After leaving behind all these, Lord Shiva entered the Holy Amarnath Cave along with Maa Parvati. Lord Shiva takes his Samadhi on the deer skin and concentrate. To ensure that no living being is able to hear the Immortal Tale, He created Rudra named Kalagni and ordered him to spread fire to eliminate every living thing in and around the Holy Cave. After this, Lord Shiva started narrating the secret of immortality to Maa Parvati. But as a matter of chance one egg which was lying beneath the Deer skin remained protected. The pair of pigeons which were born out of this egg became immortal having listened to the secret of immortality (Amar Katha).

Even today, many pilgrims report seeing the pair of pigeons when they trek the arduous route to pay their obeisance before the ice Shiva Lingam at Amarnath.

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