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Amarnath Peak

Amarnath Peak

Amarnath mountain (5186 mts) is a sacred mountain for Hindus, it has a cave at its south face at an elevation of 3,800 metres, which is known as Amarnath Cave. The cave is believed to be the ancient and among most sacred places for pilgrimage in Hinduism.

Location of Amarnath Peak

Amarnath Peak is located in the Ganderbal district of Kashmir, in the vicinity of Sonamarg. Amarnath Peak is part of the Himalayas, How to reach Amarnath Peak? It is located south of Zojila and west of Machoi Glacier. It lies 117 km northeast from Srinagar, 13 km from Baltal in the southeast. It lies 6 km south of Zojila. The melted water stream forms a major tributary of the Sind River at Baltal.

Other peaks near Amarnath Peak are: Machoi Peak (5458 m) – 8.7 kms, Sirbal Peak (5236 m) – 13.4 kms, Kolhoi Peak (5425 m) – 16.4 kms, Nun Kun (7135 m) – 55.9 kms, Harmukh (5148 m) – 69.0 kms, Brammah (6416 m) – 95.2 kms

Amarnath Peak in Googel Maps

Latitude: 34.2431859
Longitude: 75.5317914

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