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How & Where to Donate at Vaishno Devi?

Devotees can make donations to the shrine in cash or by demand drafts or cheques. All the donations made by the devotees is used by the Shrine Board for catering and developing the adequate infrastructural facilities for the yatris. It is also utilized for carrying on the maintenance work of the Holy shrine.

Various counters have been set up and looked after by the Shrine Board. For the ease of the devotees’ donations, counters are made available all along the route. All the donation counters have well equipped computerized systems and well-trained employees. After making the donation, a donation receipt is offered to the devotees.

Donation counters at Vaishno Devi:

  • Three donation counters at Bhawan
  • One donation counter at Sanjichhat
  • One donation counter at Adhkuwari
  • One donation counter at Enquiry & Reservation Counter, Niharika Complex at Katra
  • One donation counter at Central Office of Shrine Board, Katra

Cash Donations at Vaishno Devi

Yatris can drop the cash as donations at various danpatras situated at Katra, on the track route to Bhawan and at the Bhawan. More than 100 danpatras are present at various locations. The only disadvantage in cash donations is that yatris don’t get the donation receipt.

How to make Donations through cheque/demand draft at Vaishno Devi?

Pilgrims can pay donations by demand draft or cheque. The cheque/ demand draft of any specified bank is not requisite. Devotees must make sure to provide the correct & complete details like full address with Pincode, email id, mobile numbers, etc. Shrine Board requires all this information of yatris for dispatching Donation Receipt.

At the following addresses devotees can send the donation by cheque/demand draft at Vaishno Devi:

Chief Executive Officer

  • Central Office, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Katra, J&K, India (01991-232075)

Chief Accounts Officer

         (01991-232334, 232105); cao@maavaishnodevi.net

Asstt. Manager (Donations)

  • Central Office, Shri Mata Vasihno Devi Shrine Board, Katra, India


Donation in kind at Vaishno Devi

Donation in kind is accepted at Vaishno Devi by the Shrine Board. Donations in form of jewelry, chunnies, saries, Cholas and precious gems are donated by the devotees. All such jewelry & ornaments can be deposited by the yatris in the jewelry box kept in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Devotees are also welcomed to donate Cholas, chunnies, etc. If the donation includes larger or precious ornaments, then devotees can deposit such things at:

  • Office of the Chief Executive Officer, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Central Office Katra
  • Asstt Chief Executive Officer Office, Room No.8, Kalika Bhawan at Bhawan

Another contribution made by devotees in large number is in various types like aata, pulses, rice, bricks, cement, tubers, bulbs, catering items, blankets, bedcovers, etc. All these donations are used by the Shrine Board for development and other work. Devotees can pay all such items at any donation counter of the Shrine Board. They can also send the donation at Non-Engineering Stores of Shrine Board situated at Bangagana or at Vaishnavi Dham at Jammu Railway Station. F

For more details/assistance you can contact:

Asstt. Manager (Donations), Central Office, Katra

Phone Number: 01991-232167

E-mail: amdonation@maavaishnodevi.net; helpdesk@maavaishnodevi.org

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Anjani joshipura
Anjani joshipura
1 year ago

I have full faith in has Vishnu devi,recently I had to go through TO surgery as life saving operation,my husband was told by team of doctors that very little chance of my survival,.operation lasted for 9 hrs,My Faith in misdiagnosed has saved my life.I am sure her presence was there to have doctors confidence to save me,Only power of holy has can do it

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