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Samudra Narayana Temple

Samudra Narayana Temple

Samudra Narayana Temple is located at the farthest end of Gomti Ghat very close to the Arabian Sea and is dedicated to Vishnu. Samudra Narayan Temple is surrounded by Gomti River and Arabian Sea on the three sides. People over there believe that the huge sea waves that beat on the temple create the tune Srimad Narayan Hari Hari. Five steps lead to the Samudra Narayana Temple entrance, near the entrance on the left side there is a small cave like room where Goddess Gomti is worshipped. She sits on top of a lion.

The idol of Samudra Narayan is sand colored. Samudra Narayana means Narayana or the Lord residing in the sea.

There is also another idol of Goddess Gomti in the sanctum. The other idols found in the temple are that of Samudra Deva, Varuna, Mother Ashta Bhavani and Mira Bhai. There is a sacred tank or kund in the temple which is used for ceremonial sacrifices. The Temple is surrounded by Panchanada Tirtha, five wells; the water in them is sweet. Near to this shrine is the Chakra Narayana Temple with a stone that is believed to have the mark of Chakra of Lord Vishnu.

How to Reach Samudra Narayana Temple

The temple is in Dwarka and is 1 km away from Dwarkadhish temple. You can choose to either walk or take a personal vehicle.

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