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Dwarkadhish Temple History

Dwarkadhish Temple History

The Dwarkadhish Temple on the banks of Gomti river dates back centuries. The present temple structure has Chalukya style of construction of 15-16th century. Legends belive the temple was first constructed by Great Grand Son of Lord Krishna, Vajranabh.

History of Dwarkadhish Temple

King Vasudev the 2nd was defeated by Mahakshatriya Rudradama during 200 AD. After the death of Rudradama his wife, Queen Dheeradevi, asked his brother Pulumavi to help her rule the kingdom. Rudradama believed in Vaishnava religion and worshipped Krishna in Dwarka. Vajranabha, who is also believed to be his successor, built a ‘chhattri’ and deified an idol of Krishna in it. In 885 AD, the temple was renovated by Shree Nrushinhaashrma, head of the “Shreemad Jagatguru Shankaracharya pith.

In 1241, Mohammad Shah invaded Dwarka and damaged the temple during this battle; five Brahmins (Virajee Thakar, Nathu Thakar, Karasan Thakar, Valjee Thakar, and Devasee Thakar) fought against him, died, and were honored as martyrs. A shrine was built near the temple in their honor and at present is known as “Panch Peer”.

In 1473, the Gujarat Sultan Mahmud Begada, attacked the city and destroyed the temple of Dwarka. The Jagat Temple or the Dwarakadhisa temple was later rebuilt. Vallabha Acharyaa retrieved an idol of Dwarkadhish, which was revered by Rukmini. He hid it in a stepwell, known as Savitri vav, during the Muslim invasion, to protect it. In the year 1551, when Turk Aziz invaded Dwarka, the idol was shifted to the island of Bet Dwarka.

In 1861, Dwarakadhish Temple was renovated by Maharaja Khanderao and the British. Maharaja Gaikwad of Baroda added a golden pinnacle to the shikara in 1958 during a refurbishment by Shankaracharya of Dwarka and since 1960; the temple has been maintained by the Government of India.

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2 years ago

According to the satish chandra,he wrote in struggle for empire in north india-I, mahmud sacked dwarka, largely because it harboured pirates who preyed on pilgrim traffic to Macca.but the campaign was also used to raze the famous hindu temples there.

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