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History, Myths and Legends of Dwarka

History of Dwarka is very interesting as it is different from various perspectives. Various myths and legends are there about that place. The place is believed to be very religious as it is believed to be the city of Lord Krishna and was believed to be the first capital of Gujarat.

It is believed that Krishna, eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born in Mathura. His uncle Kansa was the king there and was very cruel. So Krishna defeated him and killed him. Kansa’s father in law got angry and started attacking Mathura. He attacked Mathura 17 times but could not win. Although Krishna won all the battles but the city suffered a great loss and Krishna knew that city would not be able to withstand another war so he lift the city. Now the next part has to scenarios.

In first scenario many believe that Krishna was brought to the coast by Garuda and then Krishna founded Dwarka. Second scenario says that Krishna invoked Vishwakarma, Deity of construction, to build his new city. Vishwakarma agreed to it only if Samudradev, Lord of Sea, provided some land. Krishna prayed to Samudradev and Samudradev was pleased. He gave Krishna 12 yojanas (773 square kilometers) to build his city. Hence Vishwakarma built Dwarka.

It is believed that Krishna lived the rest of his life here. After his death (accidentally shot by an arrow while meditating under a tree) the city was swallowed by a massive flood. After that six other civilizations built their city over the Dwarka and the present city is believed to be the seventh settlement.

Archeological proofs of the fact a city existed there under water have been found. It is said that the city was well planned and had six sectors. A hall called the Sudharma Sabha (‘Meeting of True Religion’) was the place where public meetings were held. As the city was surrounded by water, it was connected to the mainland via bridges and a port.

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