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Hanuman Dandi Temple

Hanuman Dandi Temple

Hanuman Dandi temple is situated on Beyt Dwarka island and is about 5 km from the main temple of Lord Krishna. This temple is unique as it is the only temple where Lord Hanuman, who although was a brahmachari (bachelor), is with his son Makardhwaj, without his Mugdhar (Mace). Hence this small temple is at a spot where Lord Hanuman met his son for the first time, in the sands of Gulf of Kutch at the entrance of Patal lok.

Legend Behind Hanuman Dandi Temple

According to the legend at the time of Ram and Ravan battle, the twin step brothers Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan of Ravan disguised them self as Vibhishan and Jamvant, kidnapped Lord Ram and Laxman and took them to Paatal Lok to sacrifice them to their deity.

Lord Hanuman went in their search and reached the Paatal entrance where he was challenged by a Vanara (monkey). The Vanara identified himself as son of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman was brahmachari (bachelor) so out of curiosity Lord Hanuman asked him if he ever met his father and how he is father because he is a bachelor. Makardhwaj replied that when Hanuman burnt Lanka with his tail and went to the sea to dip his tail in the water to extinguish the fire at that time the sweat from his body dropped into the mouth of a Magar (Crocodile) and he was born in the kitchen of his foster mother Chandersena, who is in service of the demon twin brothers, so he was also employed by them to not to allow anyone to enter the Paatal Lok.

Now Lord Hanuman gave his introduction and wanted to enter but Makardhwaj could not betray his masters so they both had a fight and Lord Hanuman won. He went in and killed the brothers and rescued Lord Ram and Lord Laxman. After that incident Makardhwaj was made the king of Paatal Lok.

How to Reach Hanuman Dandi Temple

Hanuman Dandi Temple is in Beyt Dwarka island. Local transport like auto rickshaws or buses are available for the Beyt Dwarka.

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