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Gita Mandir

Gita Mandir

Gita Mandir is a famous temple in Dwarka located on Devi Bhavan Road. The temple has idols of Lord Krishna spending time with Radha. From the roof of the temple there is a beautiful view of Dwarkadhish temple. The special feature of the temple is that it is made completely of stone and Gita scripts has been embedded on its walls.

Built by Industrialist family, Birlas in 1970, carving Bhagwad Gita hymn’s in all the columns in the temple. There are 18 columns and each has one Bhagwad Gita adhyaya. The accommodation facility is also available in temple.

How to Reach Gita Mandir Temple in Dwarka

Gita Mandir is just located near the entrance of Dwarka. Dwarkadhish Temple is at walking distance from the mandir. You can either walk over to the temple or take a vehicle.

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