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Vaishno Devi Helicopter Package

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Package

No of Days
2 Days/ 1 Nights
Starting from

Katra is the base camp for the Vaishno Devi yatra. From Katra pilgrims have to undertake 13 km trek. The trek is not easy and consist of steep path. But with Vaishno Devi helicopter services travelling to Vaishno Devi has become easy. Helicopter service is available for pilgrims between Katra to Sanjhichhat. Pilgrims have to deboard at Sanjhichhat helipad from where Holy Bhawan is located 2 km away. One gets to enjoy the aerial view of the whole valley when visiting Vaishno Devi by helicopter. Pilgrims can easily avail helicopter package for Vaishno Devi and make their tour relaxed & pleasant.

Tour Package Itinerary in Details

Only Helicopter Flight Package

Destination Package Cost/ Tariff
Katra-Sanjichhat or Sanjichhat-Katra (one way) INR 1,600/- per person
Katra-Sanjichhat-Katra (return ticket) INR 3,200/- per person
Vaishno Devi Helicopter Flight Package with Overnight Stay and Jammu Pick & Drop
Number of Nights 1 Person 2 Person
1 Night INR 8,666/- INR 13,222/-
2 Nights INR 11,555/- INR 16,777/-

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Flight Package with Overnight Stay

Number of Nights 1 Person 2 Person
1 Night INR 8,525/- INR 11,750/-

Package Inclusions

  • Helicopter flight tickets
  • Stay in hotel with breakfast and a meal,
  • free hotel/ helipad transfer

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    5 years ago

    Do you have a package from Delhi with Train Vaishno Devi HELICOPTER FLIGHT PACKAGEWITH OVERNIGHT STAY STARTING FROM March 4th or 5th from Delhi and back email as above interested one or two couple. dates flexible one or two dates Thanks PREM Please soon.PREM

    Prem Dilawari
    Prem Dilawari
    5 years ago

    Any helicopter flights return tickets for March 5th, 2019 -Katra-Sanjchhal-Katra for two senior visiting from Canada. Can we book for March 5th,2019.from Toronto as this is the day we are visiting.

    3 months ago

    want to book package from delhi to Vaishno Devi for 4 persons by Air from Delhi, wat is the cost

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