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Uravappara Temple, Kerala

Uravappara is a hillock temple located at Olamattom in Idukki. The presiding deity in the Uravappara Temple is Lord Muruga in the form of Bala Subramanya. The temple is also known as Malayala Palani. It is located at the height of about 500 ft above sea level and can be reached by steps. It is believed that the deity in the Uravappara Temple is a self-born one. The annual festival of the temple falls in January/February.

The history of the temple is linked with Pandavas. Legend states that Pandavas spent a few days in the temple premises during exile. A pond here is believed to be made by Bhim, one among the Pandavas. When water was scarce for the puja, Bhim made this pond by hitting his foot on the rock.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Uravappara Temple, Kerala

Thaipooyam is the annual festival of the Uravappara Temple. It falls in the Malayalam month of Makaram (January/February). During this festival, devotees offer salt and black pepper seeds to the deity.

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