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Jhandewalan Temple

The Jhandewalan temple issituated at Jhandewalan area near Karol Bagh New Delhi. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Aadi Shakti. Maa Aadi shakti is an incarnation of Maa Durga. It is one of the ancient Temples in Delhi.

It is said that once a clothes merchant Called Badri Das found an idol of Maa Aadi Shakti in the Jhandewalan area. It was a hilly area at that time full of flora and fauna. While he was digging, the idol lost one of his hands. Then Badri das established that idol in this cave and Built a temple upper side of the cave. He established a replica of the Maa Aadi Shakti.

During the period of Mughal emperor Shanjahan The temple got its name Jhandewalan temple because of a large number of prayer flags.

About Jhandewalan Temple Delhi

The Jhandewalan mandir is built by a merchant called Badri Das. At that time it was part of Aravali Hill range and full of flora and fauna.

Badri das dreamt that there is an idol of Maa Aadi Shakti in a nearby cave. Badri das started digging, while he was digging, the idol lost one of his hands.

Further, he made a silver hand and place it on the idol. He found some shivlinga also. Later he was built a temple in the upper side of the cave.

It was a hilly area so he placed large flags in the temple premises. So that the temple can be seen from long distance.

Devotees at that time offer prayer flags to the Maa Aadi Shakti. So it is called the Jhandewalan temple.

Structure Of Jhandewalan Temple

The temple is carved with the marvel and some of the pillars carved with the gold. The complex has many other shrines along with Maa Aadi shakti.

The upper level of the temple which has the idol of Maa Jhandewali with the idol of Saraswati and Kali along with other Gods.

There are idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha. The original idol is still in the cave called Gufa wali Mata and the replica of the idol situated at the ground level.

All the temple complex is covered with white marvel. The idols of Santoshi mata, Kali Mata, Laxmi Mata, sheetla Mata, Santoshi mata also established in the temple premises along with the Shivalaya.

Riots In Jhandewalan

During the British era, the Muslim community built a slaughterhouse close to the Jhandewalan temple Karol Bagh. On the day of Eid, they Slaughtered a cow. This angered the Hindus, which led to riots among the Hindu and Muslims.

Chauhan Era Samadhi

The tomb of the Bela daughter of the Prithiviraj Chauhan said to be there in the Jhandewalan area but now it is untraceable.


The Jhandewalan Hanuman temple organizes many festivals throughout the year. On the occasion of Durga Puja and Navratra, a unique Puja for Maa Aadi Shakti is performed. The temple’s religious atmosphere gives satisfaction and center to devotees.
During the navaratri, the temple remains open 24 hours. The mandir decorates with the lights. The idols of the temple are decorated with silver and gold.

The two lights in the cave are burning for 8 decades. Huge Bhandara is organized every day in Navaratri in the temple. Thousands of people visit the temple during the Navaratri.

Every day, morning Havana and kirtan (prayers) are carried out in the temple. Maa aadi Shakti wears red, hold multiple weapons and rides her vehicle (the tiger).

Opening And Closing Timing

The temple opened for visitors every morning at 05:00 a.m. and close 10:00 p.m. The temple remains close on every Monday.

Pooja Timing






Morning Mangal Aarti Dry Meva 05:30 A.M. 06:00 A.M.
Shringaar Aarti Cheele,Chane,Milk,Cocunut 09:00 A.M. 09:00 A.M.
Bhog Aarti Rice,Pulses,Roti 12:00 P.M. 12:00 P.M.
Evening Aarti Chane 07:30 P.M. 07:00 P.M.
Night Aarti Milk 10:00 P.M. 09:30 P.M.

Dress Code

There is no certain dress code for visitors but you should advise to wear decent clothes.

Jhandewalan Temple Location

The Jhandewalan mata temple in Delhi is located at Jhandewalan area near karol bagh New Delhi. The nearest metro station is Jhandewalan metro station.

How To Reach

  • By Air

    Delhi is well connected to national and international flights. You can reach Indira Gandhi International Airport. Then you can hire a cab to reach the temple.

  • BY Rail

    Delhi has three major railway stations. Maximum rail passes through the Delhi. You can reach the Delhi Railway station then you can take public transport or hire a cab to reach the temple.

  • By Road

    You can reach the Jhandewalan temple by road. You can reach ISBT (Interstate Bus terminal) then you can take public transport or hire a cab to reach the temple.

  • BY Metro

    If you belong to Delhi NCR then Metro can be the best way to reach the temple. The nearest metro station is the jhandewalan metro station, which is 1 km away from the temple. You can take e- rickshaw from here to reach the temple.

Weather Of Delhi

  • Summer

    During the months of summer (Mar to May) it extremely hot the temperature can be rise upto 46 degree.

  • Monsoon

    In the monsoon, the climate remains pleasant, but heavy rainfall can spoil your plans.

  • Winter

    In the winter it can be cold the temperature can fall down to 5-degree celsius. The morning and evening remain chilly, but in day time you can visit Delhi Jhandewalan mandir.

Do’s & Don’ts

Things to Do.

  • The unique architecture of the temple really attracts you.
  • Please wear decent clothes in the temple premises.

Things to Do Not.

  • Any irrelevant activity during your visit.
  • Please do not spit anywhere in the temple.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited in the temple premises.

Jhandewalan Temple Committee

The temple is managed by the Badri Bhagat Jhandewalan Temple Society.


  • Is the parking facility available at the Jhandewalan temple?

    Yes, the parking facility available at the Jhandewalan temple.

  • What is the best time to visit the temple?

    You can visit the temple in the morning at 05:30 a.m to 01:00 p.m and in the evening at 04:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m. At the time of Navaratri, the temple remains open 24 hrs.

  • Is there any dress code for the visitors?

    There is no certain dress code for visitors but you have advised wearing decent clothes.

  • Is there any entry fee?

    No, there is not any entry fee.

  • Is metro available to reach the temple?

    Yes, the nearest metro station is Jhandewalan metro station which 1 km away from the temple.

  • Can I take pictures of the temple?

    Yes, you can take pictures in the temple complex but you can’t take the pictures of the main prayer hall.

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