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Chattarpur Mandir

Chattarpur Temple is located in the south Delhi area of Delhi. The temple was established in 1974 by Baba Sant Nagpal Ji. The chattarpur mandir was considered the biggest temple in India before Akshardham temple was constructed. The mandir has the unique architecture of south India. Chattarpur Mandir is dedicated to Goddess Katyayani, the 6th of the nine symbols of Goddess Durga. The entire temple complex has spread over 60 acres with lots of temples. The temple has a beautiful garden and lawn.

About Chattarpur Temple

Chattarpur mandir was established in 1974 by baba sant Nagpal Ji. It was considered one of the biggest temples before Akshardham. Chattarpur temple is dedicated to Maa Katyani. The temple complex spread over 60 acres. The complex divided into 3 complexes. The architecture work on the complex is so amazing. There are two shrines one is dedicated to Maa Gauri which opens daily for darshan and the other is dedicated to maa Katayani which opens only during the Navaratri. There are many other shrines that are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Radha Krishna. In the complex, there is an ancient tree that is covered with holy threads. There is a 101 ft murti of lord hanuman which attracts the most. The Chattarpur Mandir Complex welcomes devotees and visitors from all walks of life irrespective of their caste, creed or religious background.

Structure Of Chattarpur Temple In Delhi

The temple complex is constructed with the white marvel. The complex built in both south and north Indian style architecture. The complex has several temples as well as lawns and gardens.

History Of Chattarpur Temple

The Chattarpur temple is established in 1974 by Sant Baba Nagpal Ji.

Main Attraction Of Chattarpur Mandir

  • Kalpa Vriksha(Wish tree)

    There is a Holy tree called Kalpa viriksh in the main entrance of the temple. Pilgrims tied a holy wish thread on it.
  • Maa Katayani Shrine

    The temple is dedicated to Maa katayani and the shrine of the maa katayani only opens during the Navaratri. During the Time of Navaratri thousands of pilgrims came to the temple. Maa Katayani murti placed in a big hall. The Murti attracts the pilgrims and the murti is decorated with rich clothes and jewelry. There are two other rooms for Maa Katayani one in the living room and the other is the bed Room(Sayan Raksha). The room is decorated with silver. To control such massive crowds of devotees, Markandeya Mandapam serves as a holding area for the large crowds who pour in round the clock to have the darshan of the Divine Mother.
  • Lord Shiva’s Trishul

    The lord shiva Trishul is located in the Markandya mandapam complex. The Trishul made on the back of the tortoise statue. Many snake sculptures carved on the Trishul and the shiva linga also can be seen in the Trishul.
  • The Samadhi Sthal

    The Samadhi that is dedicated to the sant Nagpal Ji they have taken their last breath here. It is a two-story temple and fully carved with the marvel. And it has one of the biggest tombs on its roof. There is a statue of sant baba Nagpal Ji.
  • Staue of Sanaktmochan Hanuman

    There is a statue of Lord Hanuman in the complex of chattarpur mandir. The statue is 101 ft high and it is also of India’s biggest statue of Hanuman.

Religious Activities

The temple celebrates Chaitra Navratras every year. Ram Navami, Vijay Dashmi Krishna Janmashtami also celebrated in the Temple. The Mandir is open round the clock during Navratras. At the Shaktipeeth Mandir, different tableaux are decorated to depict the various aspects of Lord Krishna’s life. The mandir trust provides all the Pooja material to the mandir.
  • Baba Ji Birthday

    On this day the mandir celebrates the birthday of the Sant baba Nagpal Ji. Babaji’s statue is given a holy bath (Kumbhabhishek) and there is a continuous recital of the following mantra.
  • Baba Ji Nirvaan Diwas

    Every year on 15th December the mandir trust celebrate the Nirvaan was of the Sant Baba Nagpal Ji. Sant baba Ji attained Samadhi on this day, Bhajan and kirtan are held in the Samadhi Sthal.

Opening & Closing Timing

The temple remains open between 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. all through the week.

Pooja Timing

Morning Aarti at 6.30 a.m. & evening Aarti at 9 p.m. all throough the week. The aarti timing can be change during festivals and special occasions.

Weather Of Delhi

  • Summer

    During the months of summer (Mar to May) it extremely hot the temperature can be rise upto 46 degree.

  • Monsoon

    In the monsoon, the climate remains pleasant, but heavy rainfall can spoil your plans.

  • Winter

    In the winter it can be cold the temperature can fall down to 5 degrees celsius. The morning and evening remain chilly, but in day time you can visit Chattarpur Temple.

  • Tickets for entry

    Entry in the Temple complex is absolutely free.

    Dress Code

    Men and Women should wear decent clothes while visiting to the Chattarpur Temple. Inappropriate clothing is strictly prohibited. And the shoes will take off before entering in the temple premises.

    Chattarpur Temple Location

    The temple is located in south Delhi Chattarpur area. The nearest metro station is chattarpur metro station. It is situated on gurgoan mehraulli road.

    How To Reach Chattarpur Temple

    • BY Delhi Airport

      You can reach Delhi Airport from here you can take the metro or hire a cab or can take public transport to reach Chattarpur temple. The temple is well connected to the major points of the city.

    • By Delhi railway station

      Indian railway is well connected to all major cities of India. The city has three major railway stations. All major and luxury trains terminate or pass out from Delhi. You can easily reach it by trains. Then you can take the metro from a new and old Delhi railway station or can hire cabs or public transport.

    • By Road

      Delhi is the capital of India so it is well connected to other cities by road. You can reach ISBT (Interstate Bus Terminal) Delhi. Then you can take Delhi transport corporation Buses to reach Chattarpur temple.

    Do’s & Don’ts

    • Things to Do.

      The temple is a sacred place so you have to behave in a decent way.

    • Things to Do Not

      Any irrelevant activity during your visit. Do not spit anywhere in the complex and any luggage also not allowed in the temple.

    Chattarpur Temple Famous For

    The temple is famous for maa Katayani the 6th avatar of maa Durga for whom this temple is dedicated. The temple is also the second-largest temple of India. It has a unique architecture of marvel. During the month of Navratri, there are endless ques of devotees just to see the ideal of Maa Katayani. The temple also arranges large numbers of Lungers or Bhandaras during the Navratri. Along with maa katayani there are several other temples devoted to Lord Shiva, Rama, Krishna. In the entrance of the temple, there are a Kalpa vriksha on which pilgrims tie their wish thread. The temple has a big lawn and garden which is fully decorated with greenery.

    Social work

    The Shaktipeth runs three educational and social institution for needy children.
    • Shivani Vidya Niketan– In this institution, 400 students get their education free of cost.
    • Shree Sant Nagpal Vocational Training Institute– This institute provides vocational courses for needy students.
    • Shree Sant Nagpal Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya and Research Centre.– It also offers research for scholars and researchers.
    • Banquet Hall – This banquet is available for marriage and other family functions
    A small Diagnostic and medical dispensary runs by the trust which supports the needy patient.

    Chattarpur Temple Committee

    The Temple Complex run by Shree Adya Katyayani Shaktipeth Mandir Trust. In this committee, there are 10 members including 1 chairman. approx 200 devotees run the daily routine of the temple. The Committee observes all the management of the temple. All the major festivals also managed by the Committee.


    • Is this temple open throughout the day?

      Yes, the temple opens at 4 a.m. in the morning and close at 11 p.m.in the night.
    • Can I take a small bag or any device inside with me?

      Yes, you can take a small bag or a device in the temple complex.
    • Is there any entry fee for the temple?

      No, the entry is absolutely free.
    • What is the location of the Chattarpur mandir?

      The temple is located in the south Delhi Chattarpur area. Just 4 km away from the famous Qutub Minar and just 800 meters. Away from Chattarpur metro station.
    • How we can reach the Chattarpur Temple?

      Everyone can take or hire public transport and cabs to reach the Chattarpur temple.
    • What is the best time to visit the Temple?

      You can visit the temple all through the year.

    Other Places Nearby The Chhattarpur Mandir

    • Red Fort
    • Jama Masjid
    • Qutub Minar
    • Chattarpur Temple
    • Lotus Temple
    • Kalka Ji Temple
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