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Varahi Temple (Barahi, Chaurasi)

Varahi Temple (Barahi, Chaurasi)

Varahi Temple (Barahi temple)) is situated in a small village Chaurasi near Puri district on the bank of river Prachi. It is well-known for Varahi Temple dedicated to Goddess Varahi who is temple’s presiding deity. She is presented as the pot-bellied goddess with the face of a boar. Along with Varahi Temple, Chaurasi is also famous for Amareswar temple and Laxminarayan temple.

Built in the 10th century during Somavamshi dynasty, the temple boasts of a Khakhara style of architecture with its semi-cylindrical vimanas and beautiful and intricate scroll work. Spreading over about 2 acres of land, the super structure of the temple has a rectangular porch with no supporting pillars.

How to Reach Varahi Temple (Chaurasi, Puri)

Varahi Temple is located at Chaurasi village which is situated between Nimapada-Kakatpur Road and is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Konark and 14 kilometers from Kakatpur village. The temple is open for devotees all around the year and can be reached via buses and taxis. Nearby attractions in and around Chaurasi are Konark Sun Temple, Kakatpur Village and Kurum.

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