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Puri Sahi Yatra

Puri Sahi Yatra

The holy city of Lord Jagannath is culturally enriched by several rituals, customs, colorful festivals and age old traditions. Considered to be one of the oldest festivals in Puri which started in 1230 AD, Sahi Yatra has an unflinching popularity that attracts pilgrims to Puri in the month of June. It is believed during the reign of Chodoganga Deva, several forts and bastians were developed to safeguard the sacred city of Puri.

Sahi Yatra in Puri – Open Theatre Ramlila in Odisha

In local language, Sahi means a particular area, region or a street. There are seven ancient Sahis in Puri on both sides of the main road and around the Jagannath temple. In ancient era, the fortified wall around Jagannath Temple was not built and it was duty of the Jagagharas (gymnasium) from each Sahi to protect the temple from invaders. During this fortnight-long festival the various gymkhanas showcase their martial arts and skills and strengths.

Apart from the customary martial art exhibitions, the festival takes a religious turn as it celebrates the birth of Lord Rama during Ramnavami. It is a forth-night festival that starts on Ram Navami Day. Festive is like a colorful street play. The main attraction of the yatra is the glorious parade which covers each Sahi and ends at the grand road of Puri. Whole procession is followed by decorated elephants, music bands & drums, horses, flame torches. The events of Ramayana are enacted using elaborate makeup and costumes that enthralls the visitors!

Other festive occasions in Puri that are celebrated very grandly are Gosani Yatra, Chandan Yatra, Beach Festival and many others. 


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