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Sea World Aquarium

Sea World Aquarium

The Sea World Aquarium is a famous attraction, located opposite Rameshwaram Bus Stand. It is home to a vast variety of sea creatures like octopus, snake fish, lion fish, rabbit fish, parrot fish, sea lizard, clown fish, crab, lobster, prawn, beach tamet, shark and many more. Kids as well as adults visit the aquarium who get fascinated by aquatic species.

Manage by CMFRI institute, it houses 1100 species of Fishes, 125 prawns stomatopods, 152 sponges, 200 tube dwelling worms, 220 crabs, 180 corals and 370 sea shells for display. The museum has maintained rich marine life containing all species at big glass aquariums with running seawater facilities.

Sea World Aquarium Timings

Aquarium Time: 10:00AM – 12:30PM & 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Closed on Sunday and Second Saturday.

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