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Rameshwaram Water Bird Sanctuary

Rameshwaram Water Bird Sanctuary

Rameshwaram is not only famous for having several ancient temples but also because it is an abode of a vast variety of birds. There are around 500 water tanks in the region, due to which birds flock here in huge numbers. Most of the water tanks are happy hunting grounds for water birds, during the monsoon season (October to January).

Water Bird Sanctuary in Rameshwaram is a must-visit destination for birdwatchers as it attracts a number of colorful birds (native and migratory). Migratory birds from the European countries and Australia come here for breeding while the native birds visit for feeding.

Some of the popular bird sanctuaries that avid bird lovers just cannot afford to miss are the Arichamunai Bird Sanctuary at Dhanushkodi, and Kanjirankulam and Chittirankudi sanctuaries in Ramanathapuram. Ideal time to explore these sanctuaries is from October to January.

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