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Kuruma (Buddhist Site)

Kuruma is a small village in Puri which is located at a distance of 8 km to the south-east of the Konark Sun Temple. This place is famous for an ancient Buddhist excavation site that has been believed to be built between 9th to 10th centuries A.D. This Buddhist monastery is having twelve blocks, three in each cardinal direction and an open large courtyard at the centre.

Due to its close proximity, one can easily visit this archeological site when visiting the Sun Temple of Konark. Beside the image of Lord Buddha in Bhumisparsha mudra, there are two other images found. One of the images is indentified as ‘Heruka’ and another image is indentified as ‘Yama’ the God of Death.

How to Reach Kuruma

Located 8 kms from Konark Sun Temple, Kuruma is situated on the left side of the Konark–Kakatapur road and can be approached by a road branching from the Bali Dokan Chowk and is about 2 kilometer from the Bali Dokan Chowk. One can easily reach Kuruma by commuting via bus or taxi. Famous tourist attractions in and around Kuruma are Konark Sun Temple, Kakatpur and Chaurasi.

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