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Kunthukal Beach

Kunthukal Beach

Kunthukal beach is an ideal beach for picnic and watersports, swimming. The beach is situated near a Kunthukal fishing village. The crystal clear blue sea water attracts tourists to enjoy various activities on the beach. Rameshwaram is nearly about 12 km from beach.

The Pamban Bridge can be seen from the beach area. Small islands of the Rameshwaram looks fascinating from Kunthukal beach. The nearby islands can be reach through the boating service provided by the forest department by getting the appropriate prior permission.

Vivekananda Memorial Hall

A memorial for Swami Vivekananda was built in this beach for commemorate his return to the India on January 26 in the year 1897 after his participation in “world parliament of Religions” held in Chicago, America. The memorial was inaugurated on January 26 in the year 2010. Before that there was a pillar in this place in the remembrance of Swami Vivekananda. There is a 6 foot statue of Swami Vivekananda with Ramanathapura king Baskara Sethupathi is kept inside this memorial as King Baskara Sethupathi was the sponsor of Vivekananda’s visit. In this memorial there is a meditation hall and a spiritual library.

Marine Museum

The newly constructed Marine Interpretation Centre cum Museum is an attraction for Kids and adults for gathering information about many marine life creatures.

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