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Gomati Sangam Ghat

Gomati Sangam Ghat

Gomati Sangam Ghat is the sacred place where Gomati River flows. This ghat is reached by climbing down 56 steps from the Swarga Dwar of the Dwarkadhish Temple. The Gomati River, which is known as the tributary of Ganges, meets the sea at the Chakratirtha Ghat.

There are 12 main Ghats across the Sangam point which are renovated and made accessible to the pilgrims for taking bath as well as for performing sacred rites. After climbing down the steps from Swarga Dwar you can walk across these Ghats and you will find number of small temples including that of Gomati Devi (the river Goddess).

Taking bath and performing sacred rites to forefathers at this Sangam point of sacred river Gomati where Lord Sri Krishna known to have taken bath several times is considered to be very holy. It is said having bath and performing the rites will liberate one from the sins committed in the previous births and is regarded as the gate way to salvation. Just darshan of Gomati at Dwarka destroys all the sins, which are committed by thoughts, words and deeds and the person can start a new life.

How to Reach Gomati Sangam Ghat

If you are in Dwarka and in Dwarkadhish Temple then only 56 steps from Swarga Dwar will take you to Gomati Sangam Ghat.

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