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Dunny Point

Dunny Point

Dunny Point is situated on Beyt Dwarka. It is 30 km away from Dwarka. It is a major tourist attraction as not only does it gives you the opportunity to bathe in sea all year long but also has magnificent coral islands. You can see dolphins and sea turtles over there and if luck is on your side you can also see very rare and highly endangered Dugong.

Dunny Point is the first eco-tourism site in Gujarat and it promises to be one more feather in Gujarat’s cap. Active nature conservation is a smart aspect of government policy, the declaration of new nature reserves enables species to thrive in protected environment while, on the other, allows visitors to sample nature without despoiling the ecosystem.

How to Reach Dunny Point, Dwarka

Dunny Point is located 30 km from Dwarka railway station and 22 km from Okha bus station. It also near Jamnagar airport so tourist can reach the airport and then take a taxi.

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