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Dhanushkodi Beach

Dhanushkodi Beach

The beach of the Dhanushkodi is considered amongst the most beautiful beaches of Rameshwaram and it extends up to 15 Km long. The shore is called Mukundharayar Chathram is safest region for taking baths and playing in the high tide sea but only for those who know how to swim as the tides of the sea is very high (maximum height registered as 12 feet). The beach is famous for exciting bike ride in this sea shore.

Dhanushkodi lies in the southern tip of the Rameshwaram and it is perfectly located as the word Dhanushkodi literally means “tip of the bow”. This place is spectacular as it is bordered by Bay of Bengal sea on one side and Indian ocean on the other and at the very tip one can view the merging point of the seas Indian ocean (A sea with high tides) and bay of Bengal (the low tide sea), this point is named as “Arichal munai”.

Dhanushkodi was a crowded and busy city until it was devastated in the storm of 1964. At present Dhanushkodi is a ghost town, declared by government after this natural calamity, with the population of around 500 (few fishermen and their families still residing there).

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