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Vilwadrinatha Temple in Thrissur, Kerala

Vilwadrinatha Temple is situated on the banks of River Bharathapuzha - the second largest river in Kerala. Located in Thiruvilwamala, it is a significant religious centre in Kerala. Temple stands on the top of a hill 100 ft above the sea level. The main deities worshipped in the temple are Lord Vishnu, Ram and Lakshman. Vilwadrinatha Temple is one of the four essential temples in Kerala including Thriprayar, Kadavallur and Thiruvangad dedicated to Lord Rama. The temple is unique as it offers homage to Lakshman.

Vilwadrinatha Temple is Famous For

Vilwadrinatha Temple is famous for its pristine surroundings. The other attractions are the rituals of Ashtapadi, Melam, Seeveli, Panchavadyam.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Vilwadrinatha Temple in Kerala

Nirmala is the annual festival organized at Vilwadrinatha Temple. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the first Thursday in mid-September. The programmes start at 5.30 am with Ashtapadi. Nagaswaram, Melam, Seeveli and Panchavadyam are the highlights of the Nirmala festival. The programmes commence with single and triple Thayambaka, followed by the procession of a caparisoned elephant. The celebrations finish by Friday. Ekadashi in November/ December is also celebrated here.

Apart from this, Thiruvilwamala Ekadashi, Sri Rama Navami and Guruvayur Ekadasi are also celebrated in the temple.

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