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Villoondi Theertham

Villoondi Theertham

Villoondi Theertham is one of the beaches and also one of the 64 theerthas (sacred water body) in Rameshwaram. It is situated 6 Km far from Rameshwaram main bus stand. It is a calm place with the silent tides and is especially famous as there is a good water spring situated inside the sea. Small Shiva shrine near to the Villoondi theertham is named as Thrayambakeshvarar.

Mythology of Villoondi Theertham

After rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana, Lord Rama with his crew flew to his birth place Ayodhya by means of pushpaka vimana (A flying machine acquired from Ravana). On their way the crew asked for water. Rama suddenly took his arrow and shot it into the sea and the place where his arrow pierced in the sea, emerged a spring.

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