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Valliyoorkavu Temple in Wayanad, Kerala

The Valliyoorkavu Temple is located 3 kilometres from the Mananthavady village in Wayanad, Kerala. Situated on the hills of Valliyoorkavu, the shrine is famous among tribals for worshipping Goddess Bhagvathy, also known as Goddess Durga. Valliyoorkavu Temple was built in the early 14th Century. Locals believe that the idols in this temple are self-manifested by the Goddess herself. The River Kabani flowing right next to the temple makes it a mesmerizing sight and one of the most incredible ancient temples in Wayanad.

Valliyoorkavu Temple is Famous For

In the history of Wayanad, the Valliyoorkavu Temple plays a vital role. During the early times, tribals were sold as slaves, and this temple became their place of abode. As time passed, tribals started inhabiting the area around the temple, and today their whole culture revolves around this shrine.  Valliyoorkkavu Temple has a very calm and serene vibe to it. The compound walls are decorated with mesmerizing artworks of various scenes of divinity. There are two parts to the temple, a top and a bottom. The Top Temple is open all days and visiting allowed are throughout the year; however, the bottom temple opens only during special occasions and festivities.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Valliyoorkavu Temple in Kerala

The Valliyoorkavu Festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated at this temple. It is a 15-day ceremony held in March which holds great significance for believers and attracts pilgrims from all across the country. Tribals play a chief role during this, as the flag hoisting on the 7th day and traditional performances are taken care of entirely by them.

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