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Thiruvallur Mahadeva Temple, Kerala

Thiruvallur Mahadeva Temple is in Thiruvaloor kara of Alangad Village, Ernakulam. It is listed among the famous Shiva temples in Kerala. The idol in the Thiruvallur Mahadeva Temple is believed to be an Agni Pratistha, i.e., Lord Shiva's third eye open. There is a pond in the east of the temple in line with the idol, in Sreekovil. It is believed that the fire emitting from the idol can be harmful to people. To subside that affect the pond is constructed. The other idol worshipped in the temple is that of Lord Ganapati.

Keezhanikavu is a subsidiary of Thiruvallur Mahadeva Temple situated next to the temple. There are idols of Vishnu, Bhagavati and Nagas. There is a Rudraksha Tree brimming with Rudrakshas.

Legends state that during a tantric venue, the Sooryakalady Bhattathiripad, got a curse from Yakshi and Gandharvan that he will die on the 14th day; and if he can perform the evening Deeparadhana Darshan of Thiruvaloorappan then he won’t. However, on the 13th day, an oracle from the Tiruvallur Sreekovil was published – “Tomorrow the Ucha Pooja should be concluded by 10 am and everyone must leave the temple premises”.

On the 14th day, Surya Kalady arrived at Tiruvallur. He could not pray as the Nada closed early that day. He had a terrible end. In his agonizing pain, he had jumped, bitten on the wooden roof of the temple. The teeth marks and his footsteps are evident on the temple door till date. Hence evening Deeparadhana Darshan is considered very auspicious.

Temple is Famous For

Thiruvaloor Mahadeva Temple is an ancient ‘Siva’ temple connected with Ramayana. It is believed that ‘Jadayu’s’ tail fell hereafter he confronted Ravana.

Festivals/Events Celebrated

The main festival of the temple is celebrated in April and ends one day before Vishu. The Aarattu aka Divine Bath is a part of the festival and is held at Aluva in Periyar river.

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