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Thirumandhamkunnu Temple in Malappuram, Kerala

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is located in Malappuram, Kerala. The temple has immense historical significance. Prime deity worshipped in Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is Thirumandhamkunnil amma, - the official goddess of the kings of Valluvanad. Chavers - The Nair warriors set out from this temple to Thirunavaya, to participate in the Mamankam festival. A memorial structure - the platform of the martyrs, called the Chaver Thara can be seen at the entrance of the holy shrine.

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is an important pilgrim centre, for the eleven-day-long annual festival celebrated in March/April. Lord Shiva is the main deity of the temple. But the famous god is Sree Bhadrakali or Sree Parvathy, locally known as Thirumandham Kunnil Amma and Lord Ganesha, for whom the Mangalya Puja is performed. Devotees believe that Mangalya puja has the potential to remove obstacles for one's marriage.

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is Famous For

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple is an ancient Mahakshethram of Kerala. It is one of the first shrines in the Bhadrakali temples. The temple stands on the top of a hillock. The scenic beauty, the tranquillity and bliss here makes it one of the famous temples in Kerala.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Thirumandhamkunnu Temple in Kerala

Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram is an 11-day-long annual festival. Aarattu – a beautiful custom is the USP of the festival. It is the bathing ceremony of Devi, in which her idol is carried on the tallest elephant accompanied by five other elephants to the nearby lake. Devotees dance and chant the entire way. After a holy bath, the idol is carried back into the temple. The poojas held on this day are believed to date back to the 16th century.

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