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Sreevallabha Temple in Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Sreevallabha Temple is situated in Thiruvalla city, close to Manimala river. It is believed to be the oldest-known temple in India. Sreevallabha Temple is one of the largest temples in Kerala and sprawls over acres. Within the temple compound, there is a small tank - Jalavanthi Theertham which is believed to have been used by several great sages. Therefore, it is considered sacred.

According to historical evidence, the Sreevallabha Temple is believed to be established in 2998 BCE, by a few tribal groups. However, the temple went through several renovations since then. Temple is dedicated to Lord Sreevallabha, a form of Lord Vishnu. It is a representation of the cosmic man and one of the 108 Divya highly revered desams in the world. Locals believe that Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Krishna worshipped the deity placed within the temple during 59 BCE. Hence, about a million Hindu devotees and tourists visit the temple each year.

You can visit the temple throughout the year as the climate is moderate. However, the ideal time to explore the temple is from October - February.

Sreevallabha Temple is Famous For

The temple is not only famous for its historical and religious significance, but also its architectural beauty. Ranging from wooden carvings to wall paintings, everything in this temple is worth exploring.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Sreevallabha Temple in Kerala

The major festival celebrated in the Sreevallabha Temple is Uthra Sree Bali. During the festival, three goddesses Alumthuruthy, Karunakara and Padappadu are taken to the ensign where Goddess Alumthuruthy goes inside to invite Lord Sreevallabha and Lord Sudarshana Moorthy. Then the gifts sharing ritual is conducted within the gods. Garuda Madathara is a significant ritual performed during Uthra Sree Bali.

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