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Sree Madiyan Koolom Temple in Kasaragod, Kerala

Sree Madiyan Koolom Temple in Kasaragod is one of the most prominent Hindu temples in Kerala. It is believed to be as old as 500 years. The holy shrine is dedicated to 'Kshetrapalaka' Eswaran and Kalarathri Amma (Bhadrakali). She is also known as Mother Goddess.

Eshwaran, the main deity worshipped in Sree Madiyan Kovilakam is a symbol of unity. Thus, the Paatu festival in the Dhanu and Kalasham festival inEdavam are celebrated in unison irrespective of castes. The shrine is also a talisman of Hindu-Muslim unity. The unwavering devotion of the Muslim community and their respect of other religions was the primary reason why the site of Athiyal temple was granted to construct the first mosque.

Various stories beckon the origin of Sree Madiyan Kovilakam Temple. The temple allowed the entry to the lower caste devotees much before "Temple Entry Proclamation in Kerala". Hence the temple is famous for ages. The centuries-old wooden carvings and epic poems in the temple vicinity portray the unity of different religions and castes.

Sree Madiyan Koolom Temple is Famous For

Out of 6 acres of the temple area, 3 acres consists of monuments exhibiting traditional Kerala style architecture, sculptures and wooden carvings that narrate ancient stories from Ramayana and other epics.

Sree Madiyan Kovilakam Temple is also famous for the annual Pattu Utsavam that falls in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (January). It usually commences from 26th January.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Sree Madiyan Koolom Temple in Kerala

During Pattu, a special ritual called Kalam Pattu is held. On the first day the Kalam is for the main deity with Pacha Varnam, the second day the Kalam is for sub-deity with Manja Varnam. On the last day, the Kalam picturises Darika Vadham in Manja Varnam, and it is for Kalarathri Amma.

Another annual festival celebrated in the temple is Kalasham. It falls in the Malayalam month of May-June. The highlight of the festival is Theyyam.

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