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Sree Krishna Swami Temple, Kerala

Sree Krishna Swami Temple is located in the heart of Thodupuzha, Kerala. It is situated on the banks of Thodupuzha River. Lord Krishna in the form of Navaneetha Krishna, holding the butter in his right palm is the main deity here. The tantric rights of the Sree Krishna Swami Temple are owned by the Aramallur Kavanattu Mana. The Poojas are conducted by 'Padinjare mutt' and 'Thuruthel mutt'.

A popular legend states that once a wandering Brahmin who was on a pilgrimage reached here and got a divine vision of Krishna. After the vision, he purified his body in the Thodupuzha Yar river and to offer Naivedyam to the deity lit a lamp; on the day of Chothi in the Malayalam month of Meenam. This incident is believed to be the main reason for the temple’s origin. Later, the prince of Keezhmalanadu constructed a shrine for the divine and consecrated an idol.

The sub-deities in the temple are Bhagavathy, Shiva, Ganapathi and Nāga as subordinate deities.

Sree Krishna Swami Temple is Famous For

The temple is famous for the Choti Oottu feast. The feast is conducted in the temple, and food free of the coast is offered to the devotees.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Sree Krishna Swami Temple, Kerala

The annual festival is held in March/April. Utsav Bali, a sacred ceremony is conducted on the ninth day of festivities in the presence of thousands of devotees. The temple also has the largest ‘Kalyana Mandapam’ or wedding hall -‘Krishna Theertham’, in central Travancore region.

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