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Rajarajeshwara Temple in Kannur, Kerala

Located 25 km from Kannur, Kerala, Rajarajeshwara Temple is the abode of Sree Rajarajeshwara in Taliparamba, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is amongst 108 Shiva Kshethrams to be built by Parashurama and is considered a Shakti Peeth. It is believed to be the place where the head of Goddess Sati fell off. Lord Shiva is known as Rajarajeshwara. The Shiva Lingam installed here is considered to be one of the Jyotirlingas which is worshipped here. The temple is renowned for its unique rituals and for the well-known personalities who have visited it.

In Rajarajeshwara Temple, the entry of women is permitted to post the Athazha Pooja or the night worship only which happens around 7.15 pm while men are allowed to enter during the daytime. Devotees believe that after the Athazha Pooja, Shiva is in a state where he is delighted and in gracious temper, accompanied by Parvathi. Hence, it is the most auspicious time for women to enter the premises.

Rajarajeshwara Temple is Famous For

Here instead if Bilva leaves tulsi or the Holy basil leaves are offered to Lord Shiva. The reason being that Lord Vishnu is also worshipped. Instead of Mondays, Lord Shiva is worshipped here on Wednesdays. Unlike other temples in Kerala, this shrine does not have the Kodimaram.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Rajarajeshwara Temple in Kerala

There are no annual festivals held here, and the deity is never taken out of the temple premises.

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