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Padanilam Parabrahma Temple, Kerala

Padanilam Parabrahma Temple is one of the major temples in Kerala. Lord Parabrahma is the presiding deity of the temple. The temple resembles Oachira Parabrahma Temple and has no compound walls and roofs.

Festivals on a grand scale are conducted here annually. The temple is one of the idathaavalam of Sabarimala Ayyappa Swami temple. The temple has 15 karakal (territories), where the annual Shivaratri festival is conducted. It is renowned as one of the biggest Nandikesha kettulsavams in Kerala.

The village is famous for stunning agricultural fields like Karingalichaal Puncha and Peruvelichal Puncha. Varieties of birds can be found in this area. Owing to this, Nooranad is known as the Pakshi Gramam or the village of birds of Kerala.

Padanilam Parabrahma Temple in Kerala is Famous For

The main deity in this temple is Lord Parabrahma, the integration of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Padanilam Parabrahma Temple, Kerala

  1. Vrischika Mahotsavam
  2. Irupathiyettamonam
  3. Mandala Chirappu
  4. Para Ezhunnallathu

The main festival celebrated in Padanilam Parabrahma Temple is “Padanilam Sivarathri”. Kaavadiyattam and Kettulsavam are significant rituals performed during this festival. Vrischika Mahotsavam, Irupathiyettamonam, Chirappu, Sapthahayajnam etc. are the other main festivals celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Visit Padanilam Parabrahma Temple during one of the above festivals and experience the magic of the temple’s spiritual aura.

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