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Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple in Kannur, Kerala

Sree Oorpazhachi Kavu temple is located in Edakkad, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to - Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shakti. Sree Oorpazhachi Kavu temple has three main deities- Bhagavathy, Sree Oorpazhachi Daivathar and Kiratha Sunu within the inner courtyard. Abhishekam, Usha Pooja, Ucha Pooja, Sankunatham, Deeparadhana, Athaazha Pooja are prime poojas performed in the temple.

Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple Mythology

Several stories are associated with the legend of the temple. The myth related to Goddess Bhagavathy narrates how Kali became Gauri. However, both the Goddess are incarnations of Goddess Parvathi. The legend says that Lord Shiva repeatedly addressed Parvathi as Kali that made her feel inferior about her dark complexion. The angry Goddess said she would return after getting a fair complexion and left. After reaching Madhya Adavi, she performed meditative penance. Pleased with her punishment, Lord Brahma granted her fair.

Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple History

The history of the Oorpazhachi deity states that Lord Vishnu, once, had to laugh at his consort which made her angry harmlessly. She cursed Lord Vishnu that he would lose his head. After all the Gods pleaded for a long time, she agreed to give his head back on one condition that Lord Brahma should grant Goddess Kali’s wish.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Oorpazhachi Kavu Temple in Kerala

Shivarathri Mahotsavam, Vellattom, Kaliyattom, Pattathanam, Thitambu Nritham and Navarathri Pooja are the major and the most grandly celebrated festivals of India.

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