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Mukkolakkal Bhagawathi Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Sreevaraham Mukkolakkal Bhagavathy Temple is an age-old and most renowned Devi shrine in Kerala. Devi’s idol is made of 'Panchaloha,' and it faces the north. There are idols of 'Maha Ganapathi', 'Nagaraja', 'Brahma Rakshas', 'Thampuran and Yakshi Amma', besides 'Bhagavathi' in the Mukkolakkal Bhagavathy Temple.

According to a mythological story, 'Kannaki' passed through Kanyakumari to her abode at Kodungallur after destroying King Pandya of Madhurapuri. It is believed that she took rest at Mukkolakkal in a tranquil mood, and the very spot emerged as the centre of worship.

Tharananallur Namboodiripa consecrated the idol. He was in Thiruvananthapuram to celebrate 'Arat' festival at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It was the auspicious day of 'Aswathy' in Meenam. King Ayilyam Thirunal initiated the construction of the temple and arranged for a daily pooja. The King visited the temple and offered silver coins and silk cloth to the Goddess. This practice of donating 'Pattu and Panam' during the annual festival has continued for years.

Mukkolakkal Bhagawathi Temple is Famous For

Mukkolakkal Bhagavathy Temple is famous for enshrining a Swayambhu (self-originated) Panchaloha idol of Goddess Shakti. There are sub-shrines dedicated to Lord Ganapathi, Nagaraja, Brahma Rakshas, Thampuran and Yakshi.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Mukkolakkal Bhagawathi Temple in Kerala

  • Ooruttu Mahotsavam – It is an annual festival conducted in March – April every year.
  • Kanni – Navarathri Aghosham is a famous festival observed on Vijayadasami day of the Navarathri.
  • Medam – Vishu festival.
  • Vrishchikam – The Vrishchicka Mandala Mahotsavam is celebrated for the entire Mandalam season.
  • Meenam – The annual festival of the temple is observed in Meenam.
  • Karkidakam – Aadi chevvai festival.
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