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Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple situated in the holy city Haridwar of Uttarakhand. The temple is located on the hill top of Bilwa Parvat. Mansa Devi is one of the three Sidhpeeth in Haridwar. Siddhipeeth are also known for fulfill the desires of the devotees. The inner shrine has two deities, one with eight arms and the other one with three heads and five arms. Mansa Devi Temple is enhances the holy tradition of Haridwar which persists in the place from many past centuries. There is rope way for the pilgrims from lower station to Mansa Devi.

Mythology & History

It is believed that Goddess Mansa Is Daughter of Lord Shiva. Mansa Devi was a common girl. She was unaware about her parents. To know about her parents she sat on the meditation to meet Lord Shiva. After getting the truth he gained her power.

It is believed that when goddess Sati burned herself in the Yagnakund. Then Lord shiva picked her body in his shoulder and started Tandav, then lord Vishnu cut the body of goddess Sati. The forehead of the goddess had fall at the place where the temple is situated.

Another story tells that she is believed to be sister of Naga.

Another story is that a cow used to offer his milk to the three shilas on the top of the Shivalik hill. Then a local resident noticed that and started worshipping those Shillas. Later a small temple placed there.

Architecture of the Mansa Devi Temple

The temple is located on the hill top. The temple occupies the vast areas of the hilltop mound. The main temple is an obelisk tower structure. The main deity is just below the Min tower. The wall of the temple is coated with the red paint. The temple has gone through the modern modification. The temple is made in the Nagara architecture style. The temple has two main Shikhars. There is small yagna kund also in the temple. Pilgrims accommodation and temple administration buildings are also built.

Main Attraction

Mansa Devi temple is one of the three Shiddhipeeth in Haridwar. Shiddhipeeth are also known for fulfil the wishes of devotees. Mansa devi is located on the hill top of Bilwa Parvat. You can reach by two ways either rope or trek. The temple offers a breathtaking view of the city of Haridwar and the river Ganga flowing amid small, crammed houses. The devotes comes here to fulfil their wishes and tie a thread of the tree in the temple complex and if there wish got fulfilled then they came second time and untie the thread.

Festival at Mansa Devi Temple

Navratri – Navaratri is a major festival celebrated in the Mansa Devi temple. On the occasion of the Navaratri lots of pilgrims visit the temple.
Kumbhmela – The Kumbh Mela held in every 12 years at Haridwar. Kumbh is a biggest centre of the religious activities of Hindus.

Weather of Haridwar

Summer : In the months of summer the temperature is varies from 35 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius in Haridwar. The peak of the summer can be very hot.
Winter : In the winter the temperature varies from 25 degree to 6 degree in Haridwar. Winter season can be cold in the town.
Monsoon : During the season of the monsoon, there can be heavy rainfall. Rainfall is highest in the month of August.

Temple Location

The temple is located in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Mansa Devi is very famous shrine in Haridwar. Mansa Devi is one of the most visiting Pilgrims shrine in Haridwar. You can reach by rope way or trek.

How to Reach

By Air : The nearest airport is Jollygrant at Dehradun. The distance is 40 km from the Haridwar. From Dehradun you can hire taxi or public transport to reach the Mansa Devi temple.
By Train : The nearest Railway station is 3 km away from the temple.
By Road : Haridwar is well connected with national highways. Regular buses from all the nearby states are available to Haridwar.

Things To Do

  • Be little careful of the red face monkey.
  • Take the trips of locality, there are lots of Ashram and Museums.
  • Wear decent clothes and shoes.

Things To Do Not

  • Any irrelevant activity during your visit.
  • Do not spit anywhere in the complex and any luggage also not allowed in the temple.
  • Don’t take your pets along with you, they are not allowed.


Q. What are the charges for the ropeway to reach Mansa Devi?

A. You will charge 100 rupees for one way.

Q. How to reach Mansa Devi temple from Har Ki Pauri?

A. You can reach by trek, road and ropeway.

Q. What is the entry fee for Mansa Devi Temple?

A. There is no entry fee for the temple

Q. What are the offerings for the Mansa Devi Temple?

A. You can offer Pooja’s Thali, Sweet and Coconut to the Mansa Devi.

Q. What is the Best time to visit the temple?

A. Summer is the best time to visit the temple and you can visit in mid winter also.

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