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Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple, Kerala

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple, an ancient and internationally acclaimed pilgrim centre for the devotees of Nagaraja. The Temple is nestled in a forest glade. There are about 30,000 images of snakes along the paths and among the trees, and is the largest one-of-its-kind Temple in Kerala. Women, seeking fertility, worship Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple. Upon the birth of their child, they come to hold thanksgiving ceremonies by bringing new snake images as offerings. Unique turmeric pastes available at the Temple is known to have curative powers.

The beliefs and rituals associated with the Temple are unique, and this is one of the temples where a Brahmin lady leads the puja. Legends state that when the Muthassan left for the Cellar, he had given certain rights and instructions to his mother that she must offer him worship. On certain special days, men can be given a chance to worship.

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is Famous For

Valia Amma is the heart and soul of Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple. The brightness of Valia Amma turned into a symbol of Naga deities through fasting glows as a result of rituals and poojas. Pilgrims cannot leave Mannarasala without seeing that divine glow. That brilliant light of the holy lamp illuminated the Temple and the environment.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

The major festival celebrated in Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is the Ayilyam Festival. It falls on the Ayilyam asterism in the Malayalam month of Thulam and roughly corresponds to October / November.

The major highlights of the festival are the procession in which all the serpent idols are taken to the Brahmin ancestral home that manages the Temple. The priestess carries the idol of Nagaraja, which is the presiding deity of the Temple. Illam is concluded with special prayers and offerings.

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