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Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple in Thrissur, Kerala

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple, also known as Kodungallar Devi Temple, is amongst the most potent Shakti Peethas in all of Kerala. Situated in Thrissur, this temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, the fierce one. It is also deemed to be one of the most ancient Hindu temples according to archives, and the head of all 64 Kali temples of Kerala. According to mythology, this was earlier a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva until Parshurama installed the idol of Goddess Kali. Along with the main deity, there are the deities of Sapthamathruka in the inner sanctum of the Kodungallur Devi Temple.

Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple is Famous For

One of the USPs of the Kodungallur Devi Temple is its unique structure. Sprawling over 10 acres, the entire town seems to be built around the Kodungallur Devi Temple. Banyan and Peepal trees are seen all around the property. Other than the idol of goddess Kali, deities of Ganpati and Veerabhadra are found in the chambers. However, the prime attraction remains to be the leading 7 feet tall idol of the Goddess build-out from the wood of a jackfruit tree. The Puja performed by the priests is believed to be following the orders from the Goddess herself.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple in Kerala

Celebrated between March & April, the Bharani Festival is one of the main events at the Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple. It is an event to appease the Goddess Kali. Commencing the rituals from the day of Makar Sankranti, the four-day Thalappoli Festival attracts a lot of devotees from all over the country.

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Partha Pratim Datta
Partha Pratim Datta
10 months ago

How to go there from tiruvanantipuram

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