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Kilimarathukavu Temple in Kollam, Kerala

Kilimarthukavu Temple or Kilimarathukavu Siva Parvathy Temple is located in Kadakkal. It is one of the most renowned and ancient temples of South India. Historians believe that the old temple was destroyed in the past and idols were left behind.

Kilimarathukavu Temple is the only temple with two Shiva deities. There is one Lord Shiva deity and Sree Parvathy deity in the main Sreekovil. Shiva is in the form of “Ardhanarishvara”. And the other god is “Mahanadan”. Shivaratri is celebrated with great pomp in the temple.

Sree Parvathy is on the same sreekovil next to Lord Shiva. As a part of Navarathri celebrations, the Goddess is dressed in nine different forms of Devi. Lord Murugan is placed near Lord Shiva and Parvathy. The main festival commemorating Lord Murugan is Skandha Shashti and Shashti.

Kilimarathile Kavu Temple has the biggest Shastha (Lord Ayyappa) deity in India. Lord Ganapathy resides near to Lord Shiva and Parvathy. Nagas Nagathara - Lord of snakes is also another deity in Kilimarathile Kavu Temple. Ayilya pooja - main pooja for nagas is held on every ayilyam here.

Kilimarathukavu Temple is Famous For

The shrine is known for its deities. One of the specialities is two Lord Shiva deities – main Shiva and Mahanadan. It is also famous for the most significant Cult image of Dharma Sastha or Lord Ayyappan. A shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman is located at the centre of the temple pond.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Kilimarathukavu Temple in Kerala

  • Shivaratri on Kumbham Malayalam Month.
  • Navarathri on Kanni Malayalam Month.
  • Skandha Shashti on Thulium Malayalam Month.
  • Mandala Vilakku on Vrischikam Malayalam Month.
  • Mathru Pooja on Mothers Day
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