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Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple in Kottayam, Kerala

Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple also known as Thaliyil Shiva Temple is amongst the trio of most legendary Shiva Temples in Kerala. The temple is installed by the demon Khara along with the holy shrines of Ettumanoor and Kaduthuruthy. Pilgrims believe that a visit to this temple in the afternoon is as good as visiting all the three temples of Kaduthuruthy, Ettumanoor, and Thaliyil Mahadeva.

Lord Shiva is the main deity in Kaduthuruthy temple. The Sivalinga at the temple is 3” tall & is the smallest of the three Sivalingas installed by the demon Khara. Sub Deities at Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple are Ettumanoorappan, Sree Ganapathy, Dharma Sastha & Goddess Durga.

Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple is Famous For

Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple is famous for its architectural elegance. Here you can witness Kerala Temple architecture at its best. The mandapam in front of the shrine displays a fantastic collection of wood carvings that depict the story of “Karthaveerarjuneeyam.”

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple in Kerala

A ceremonial 10-day celebration is held at the Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple annually in December. The temple looks beautiful when lit up with lamps and the deity carried out in a procession of decorated elephants.

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