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Kadakkal Devi Temple in Kollam, Kerala

Kadakkal Devi Temple is located in Kollam, Kerala. The holy shrine is one of the first Devi temples of the state. It is renowned for its unique mythological stories. Devotees believe that one who worships and offers rituals to Kadakkalamma Devi are safeguarded from evil and bestowed with immense wealth and prosperity.

Kadakkal Devi Temple houses four main temples, each equal distances in three directions from the Temple Pond: Devi Temple, Siva Temple, Thaliyil Temple and Kilimarathile Kavu Temple.

The temple retains its old-world charm and is unaffected by modern advancement. Devotees are welcomed here with no discrimination. During festivals and fairs, specific spiritual rituals are followed.

Kadakkal Devi Temple is Famous For

The temple is famous for peculiar events that happen after every 12 years – Thirumudi Ezhunnah. The procession begins from Kadakkal Devi Temple to Arrakal Temple. The other festivals are celebrated with great pomp and vigour.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Kadakkal Devi Temple in Kerala

  • Kadakkal Thiruvathira
  • Pongala
  • Thiru Mudi Ezhunnellathu
  • Guruzi

Each festival has a significant meaning, and its believed that the goddess fulfils the wishes of the devotees coming here. Special rituals and pooja are performed on special occasions.

The uniqueness of the Kadakkal Devi Temple is that there is neither an idol nor a pujari. Kadakkal Thiruvathira Mahotsavam is a famous festival celebrated with great pomp. During the festival, thousands of devotees visit Kadakkal to worship Devi. On the first day, women offer Pongal to Devi at the temple ground. The festival commences with Kuthira Iduppu – a grand procession followed by Kuthiyottam and pageants. It ends with Guruzi – a ritual performed on the last day.

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