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Haripad Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Kerala

Haripad Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple is an iconic temple dedicated to Lord Subrahmanya. It is is one of the oldest Hindu temples of Kerala. Located in Kerala, it is believed that when Lord Subrahmanya defeated Tharakasuran and Soora Padma and was returning, he was welcomed to this place with by Lord Vishnu. Hence this place is also known as Hari Geetha Puram. Some people even believe that Harippad may have taken its name from ‘too much rice’.

Haripad Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple is Famous For

It is believed that this temple is 3500 years old and was consecrated by Lord Parasurama. Apart from Subrahmanya, the temple houses the idols of Maha Ganapathi and Dakshinamurthy. Devotees believe that the Subrahmanya idol has the presence of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The idol faces east. Besides the main deity, there are many other deities which include Dakshina Moorthy, Lord Ganesh, Thiruvambadi Kannan, Naga, Shasta, Keezhtyar Kovil Subrahmanyan.

Several peacocks wander in the temple premises. Thula Payasam is offered majorly in the temple. Devotees also offer a garland made of lime fruits to Lord Subrahmanya.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Haripad Sri Subrahmanya Swamy in Kerala

Some of the other important festivals of the Haripad Temple are:

  1. The Avani Utsavam in Chingom
  2. Margazhi Utsavam in Dhanu
  3. Chitra Utsavam in Medom form the Utsava Trayam
  4. Thrikkarthika in Vrischikam
  5. Prathishta day in Edavam
  6. Skanda Ashtami in Thula
  7. Navarathri in Kanni
  8. Thaipooyam in Makaram
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