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Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple in Kollam, Kerala

Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple is a famous tourist attraction in Chathannoor. Nestled on the outskirts of Kollam city, the shrine is about 15.2 km from Kollam. It is a very ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, also known as Lord Bhoothanatha at the temple. Devotees, when visiting the temple, do visit the sanctuary in Chathannoor at the East of Kollam. The most important festival commemorated in Chathannoor is Sree Bhoothanatha Temple Utsavam.

Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple complex has a precious and sacred Gompa surrounded by villages. The temple is famous for its unique rituals that are performed with great devotion by the saints of the temple.

Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple is Famous For

Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple is renowned for its magnificent architecture that is worth exploring and eye-catching. The unique architecture stands as a testimony to the architectural period dating back to medieval history.

At the temple, tourists can spend quality time with friends and families. You can feel positive vibes engulf you once you are at the temple.

Festivals/Events Celebrated at Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple in Kerala

Festivals celebrated at Chathannoor Sree Bhoothanatha Temple attract tourists from all across the globe to cherish the diversified culture of the famous temple. Sree Bhoothanatha Temple Utsavam is the most celebrated festival of all. It is celebrated annually with joy and devotion. The Nedum Kuthira of Sree Bhoothanatha temple is the biggest of its kind in Southern Kerala. Prasadam is distributed twice a day after the praying rituals.

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