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Kushinagar - Bhuddist Pilgrimage Sites in UP

The present Kushinagar is identified with Kushawati (in pre-Buddha period) and Kushinara (in Buddha period). Kushinara was the capital of Mallas, which was one of the sixteen mahajanpads of the 6th century B.C. It is the place where Lord Buddha is believed to have entered Mahaparinirvana (death). It was near the Hiranyawati River that Buddha took his last breath and was cremated at the Ramabhar Stupa

Modern Kushinagar came into prominence in the 19th century with archaeological excavations carried out by Alexander Cunningham, the first Archaeological Surveyor of India and later followed by C.L. Carlleyle, who exposed the main stupa and also discovered a 6.10metres long statue of reclining Buddha, in 1876A.D.


Kushinagar is a district situated at a distance of 53km west of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, India.

How to Reach Kushinagar, UP

  • By Air – the nearest airport is Gorakhpur (50km) and only domestic flights are operated from here. Varanasi is an another airport, which is 275 km away from Kushinagar. Flights from Gorakhpur and Varanasi connect to destinations like Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and Patna.
  • By Train – Kushinagar does not have any train station. Nearest option is Ramkola, which is 19km away from Kushinagar.
  • By Road – Kushinagar is well connected by road to several important cities in the state as well as country.


There are accommodation facilities available in the Dharamshalas and other charitable trusts.

What/ Where To Eat

Yama Cafe –The place have a lot of variety food and different taste available here and the best thing is that is its less price list. Food is not only cheap but fresh and tasty too. It is a small restaurant with 5 tables and a capacity to seat 20 guests. There is also a little gift shop on the premises.  Going from the Kushinagar gate towards the Nirvana Temple and Stupa, you will find Yama Cafe on the left side of the road that is called Buddha marg.

Tokyo Cafe –  It is located on Buddha marg, opposite Hotel Lotus Nikko Kushinagar. The menu is all local Indo-Chinese fare. Tokyo Cafe menu is bigger than Yama Cafe and the prices are lower. Coming to the menu, all the food in Tokyo cafe is vegetarian except for a few preparations with eggs. There is no meat of any kind. The economy meals that Tokyo cafe has on menu are good news for someone looking for cheap food.

Tourist Places to Visit in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh

  • Kushinagar Museum – Kushinagar Museum is a state government museum, which was opened to the public during 1992-1993. This museum is good because it is very much informative and has a collection of ancient things that comprises of Buddhist icons, architectural remains, bronzes, clay seals and Buddhist Thangkas or banner paintings. There are some ancient coins, which were also unearthed during that period. The coins also show that Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh was called Kushinara and was apart of the Malla Kingdom. The main attraction of the museum is a stucco statue of Lord Buddha, built in Gandhara style of architecture. This statue represents Buddha in a meditative position. This museum is well maintained and entry charge is low.
  • Ramabhar Stupa – It is the place where Lord Buddha was cremated and he attained salvation of Mahaparinirvana. About 1.5km away from Mahaparinirvana Temple, this large stupa rises to a height of 50ft. This stupa has been referred to as ‘Mukut-Bandhan Vihar’. Tourist from all over the world visit the Ramabhar Stupa, which has carefully treasured the remnants of history.
  • Sun Temple – situated 17km east of Kushnagar. There are huge and artistic statues of sun god, made of black stone. They were recovered during excavations one of which is belonged to 4th-5th century A.D and another 8th-9th century A.D.
  • Buddha Ghat – This small ghat on the river Hiranyavati was built in remembrance of Buddha’s cremation near the river banks.
  • Dalai Lama Bell – A large bell erected by the Dalai Lama on the grounds of ancient Kushinagar.

There are many tourist places in Kushinagar, which can be explored by travellers. Local attractions can be visited at any time of the day.

When to Visit Kushinagar, UP

The best months to visit in Kushinagar are October to February.

Kushinagar can indeed be a holy experience not only for Buddhist but also for all travel enthusiasts and historians. As a place with religious and spiritual significance, Kushinagar continues to attract both pilgrims and tourists. Kushinagar is home to many stupas and monastries, though many of them are not yet properly restored.

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