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Thanjavur is a heritage and cultural city of South India and prominent centre of religion, culture and architecture. The city has many architectural jewels like temples. Brihadeeswarar Temple built in 11th century was designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. The city is also known as Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu as situated in Cauvery Delta. The place is also famous for unique Tanjore painting, art & craft, Museums, Festivals, music and classical dance forms.

Places to Visit in Thanjavur

Thanjavur Royal Palace – Most popular attractions of Thanjavur as it is situated within the Vijaynagara Fort complex and was the residence of the Nayak Kings of Thanjavur. The royal palace became the seat of the Maratha rulers of Thanjavur in the 17th century and it was constructed in the 16th century.

The palace houses Nayak Hall, Durbar Hall, Serfoji’s Saraswati Mahal Library and the arsenal tower for the tourists. Nayak Hall has various artifacts belonging to the period of Cholas that are displayed for tourists. Durbar Hall, built by the Marathas, displays a throne canopy decorated in Thanjavur styled mirror-glass works. Serfoji’s Saraswati Mahal Library houses a rare collection of Sanskrit books and palm-leaf manuscripts.

Thanjavur Art Gallery – It is within the Thanjavur Royal Palace and is one of the main attractions of Thanjavur town. Thanjavur Art Gallery, which is housed in the Nayak Hall of the place, is famous as it has an extensive collection of stone and bronze statues and idols belonging to the Chola period (8th – 9th centuries) and also Bronze statues belonging to the Pallava period are also displayed.

Art Gallery also displays murals, paintings, sculptures and other artifacts that can be dated to the period in between 8th to 18th centuries. A statue of Raja Serfoji can also be seen in the Thanjavur Art Gallery.

Siva Ganga Garden – Is amongst the one of the main attractions of Thanjavur. Siva Ganga garden is located within the Vijaynagara Fort nearby the Thanjavur Palace, towards the North East of Brihadeshwar temple. The garden features a large square tank which was constructed to provide water to the Thanjavur Palace. The garden as well as the tank was built by Sevappa Nayaka, the 16th century Nayak ruler of Thanjavur.

Siva Ganga Garden has become a popular family picnic spot in Thanjavur, as it has a park and a well maintained beautiful garden with rare species of flowering plants.

Airavateswara Temple – Airavateswara temple, situated nearby Kumbakonam at Darasuram, is has its presiding deity as Lord Airavateshwara or also known as Lord Shiva.

The temple has a legend that Airavata, the white elephant who is the vehicle of Lord Indra, worshipped Lord Shiva here to get relieved of the color curse from Sage Durvasa. It is believed that Airavata, with blessings from Lord Shiva, retained its white color by bathing in the sacred water of this temple.
Airavateswara temple also has a minor shrine dedicated to Lord Indra with his mount Airavata.

Keelaperumpallam (Keezhperumpallam) Temple – or also known as the Kethu temple or the Kethu Navagrahastalam is one of the navagraha temples offered by the temple town of Thanjavur. Keelaperumpallam temple, associated with Lord Kethu, is situated about 6 km from Thiruvengaadu.

The Keelaperumpallam temple has as presiding deity Lord Naaganaadaswamy and his consort Goddess Ambal, who is in the North West direction. The idol of Lord Kethu can also be seen in the sanctum as worshipping Lord Naaganaadaswamy.

How to Reach Thanjavur

By Air – The nearest airport to reach Thanjavur is in Trichy International Airport which is 55 km from Thanjavur. From airport one can easily hire taxi or take bus for Thanjavur.

By Train – Thanjavur railway station is located in Chennai – Tiruchchirappalli rail line. There are number of express and passenger trains regulating from the station.

By Road – Thanjavur has metalled road connected to many cities in Tamil Nadu via buses from its two Bus Terminus.

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