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Pipili, Puri

Pipili, Puri

Pipili is a small village in the Puri district which is world-renowned for its applique handicrafts. Applique, a French term, is a technique by which various cutting pieces of colored fabrics are applied to the surface of another foundation fabric. Tourists on their way towards Puri stop at Pipili to purchase beautifully–woven handicrafts. It is famous in Orissa as well as in India for its applique craft.

Wide scale use of canopies and umbrellas is prevalent during the festivities of Lord Jagannath. Applique work can be found on almost every possible decoration used for the deities as well as items such as garments, handbags, embroidery etc. Furthermore, the Chandua is another marvel of Applique work that has become a household commodity in almost every religious work.

How to Reach Pipili, Puri

The small village of Pipili is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Bhubaneswar and 40 kms from the sacred city of Puri. On the main road at Pipili, there are many shops selling Applique work products and tourist visiting Puri buy these products from Pipili. One can easily reach Pipili by commuting via bus or taxi. Famous tourist attractions in and around Pipili are Raghurajpur, Siruli and Sakhigopal.

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