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Patnitop Travel Guide

Located at an elevation of 2,024 m, Patnitop is a serene hill station in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. Patnitop is situated on the way to Jammu from Srinagar. It is located 185 km from Srinagar and 112 km from Jammu. This beautiful hamlet is idle for people who wish to spend some time in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Places to see in Patnitop

  1. Natha Top – Surrounded by snow-clad mountains, Natha Top is a small hill station reached after a short trek from Patnitop. Natha Top offers unobstructed views of the mountains and has many roadside food vendors from where you can enjoy the view while savouring the delicacies. During winters, Nathi Top is filled with snow and people can be skiing heartily.
  2. Naag Mandir – Naag Mandir is an ancient temple dedicated to Naag Devta. It is believed that tying a small ribbon here while asking for a wish, fulfils the wish. There are some shops near the temple from where you can buy puja commodities and other items. A big puja is held here every year during Naag Panchami where the villagers gather and worship NaagDevta.
  3. Sanasar Lake – Located about 20 km from Patnitop, Sanasar Lake is a peaceful spot surrounded by alpine trees and beautiful mountains. The place is an idle spot for picnics with friends and family and to enjoy the nature.
  4. Billoki Powri – Walk a little further from Kud Market and you’ll reach Billoki Powri, a staircase of 270 steps. The thing that makes this staircase special is that it has been chiselled out of the mountain. No one knows its origin but some refer that it served as the shorter route to Batote town and was constructed by the former king of Chenani.
  5. Sudh Mahadev Temple – Sudh Mahadev Temple is built on the spot where Lord Shiva accidentally killed a demon with his trident when he heard the screams of MaaOarvati. The demon had come to visit MaaParvati. After realizing his mistake, Lord Shiva resurrected the demon. Since then, the place came to be known as Sudh Mahadev. It is believed that bathing in the holy spring, Pap NashniBowli, absolves the sins of the devotees.
    Visit the temple during Asad Purnima Festival to see large number of devotees and enjoy the religious festival with fairs, cultural programmes, and worship.
  6. Chenani – Nashri Tunnel – Also known as the Patnitop Tunnel, Chenani – Nashri Tunnel is India’s longest road tunnel with a length of 9.28 km. The tunnel is an engineering marvel with well incorporated safety features and facilities. The tunnel reduces the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 30 km and travel time by 2 hrs.

Things to do in Patnitop

  1. Paragliding – Paragliding is one of the most sought after adventure sports in Patnitop. Enjoy paragliding in Patnitop and cherish the views of the beautiful hill station.
  2. Skiing – During winters, Patnitop sees huge snowfall and is an ideal destination for skiing.Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you can learn skiing and enjoy in the snow.
  3. Hiking/Nature Walks – The serene town of Patnitop can be best explored by walking across the landscape filled with alpine trees, floras, and faunas. Take nature walks and experience the raw natural beauty of the place. Hike across nearby tops and enjoy the views surrounding you.
  4. Shopping – You can street shop and buy dry fruits, Kashmiri handicrafts, Pashmina shawls, local souvenirs, sweets, and other products from shops at local attractions or visit the famous Pandora Enclave for shopping.

How to reach Patnitop

Patnitop is located 110 km from Jammu.

By Flight : The nearest airport from Patnitop is Jammu located 110 km from Patnitop. Jammu airport is connected to all major cities of India. Buses and taxis are easily available from Jammu to Patnitop.

By Train : The nearest railway station from Patnitop are Jammu and Udhampur. Buses and taxis are easily available from Jammu and Udhampur to Patnitop.

By Bus : Buses are available for Patnitop from all major cities of Jammu and Kashmir. You can take a bus for Jammu or Srinagar from Delhi and then take a bus or taxi till Patnitop.

By Self-Drive : You can drive your own car or hire a taxi at Patnitop. However, ensure that your vehicle is well updated and you have the skills to drive in a rough terrain as the roads of Patnitop are rough and not well maintained.

Best time to visit Patnitop

You can visit Patnitop throughout the year.

  • The Summers from Mar-June are pleasant and warm.
  • The Rainy season is pleasant too and perfect for a relaxing vacation. Many people visit Patnitop during monsoons due to the holy AmarnathYatra that takes place during that time.
  • Winter are cool with snowfall from mid-December to February. Winters are an ideal time for skiing.
  • Autumns have their own charm in Patnitop and the months from Sept-Nov are breathtakingly beautiful.
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