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Morbi was the capital of the former princely state of Morbi and was ruled by the Jadeja Rajput clan. The house of Morbi claimed seniority over the Jadejas of Jamnagar and Kachchh. Floods devastated Morbi in 1979 AD, when Machchhu dam burst during heavy rains although the folk song, which predicted this tragedy year before it happened, was quite popular among locals.

The prosperous city state of Morbi and much of built heritage and town planning is due to the efficient administration of Sir Waghji, who came to the throne in 1879 AD and ruled till 1948 AD. Well known as ‘Paris of Saurashtra’, its a highly industrialized city.

Places to Visit in Morbi

  • Mani Mandir – This temple was built to worship the saints and Gods like Laxmi Narayan, Ramchandraji, Mahakali and many more. Various beautiful images of saints and lords can be seen there.
  • Nehru gate – Built by Morbi King using Rajput architecture it has a bell at the center which rings at every hour. The place is great for shopping with many shops.
  • Art Deco palace – Built during the period 1931 – 44 AD. It is a two storey building with 6 dinning and drawing rooms and 14 bedrooms and it is influenced by last phase of art deco movement of Europe. The bathrooms of the palace are made from sea shells.
  • Julto Pul Hanging Bridge – The Bridge connecting Lakhdhirji Engineering College and Darbargadh Royal Palace is a major tourist attraction. It was constructed over River Machchhu by Royal Morbi State. It spans 233 m and is 1.25 m wide.

How to Reach Morbi, Gujarat

Morbi is 234 km away from Dwarka. There is no direct bus or train connecting these two places. State run transport buses are available to other cities. Morbi has a railway station but not conneted to major cities directly. Main railway station to reach Morbi is situated at Wankaner (29 kms). There are timely Demu trains between Wankaner and Morbi. Rajkot airport is nearest airport to reach Morbi.

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