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Girnar, also famous as Girirnagar or Revatak Parvata, the mountain and its ranges are considered older than Himalayas. Girnar mountain is famous pilgrimage ofr devotees. Dattatreya or Datta Temple is most revered shrine of Lord Dattatreya, deity known to be the incarnation of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. There are hundreds of temples present in Girnar Parvat which are considered sacred by Hindus and Jains. Festivals like Girnar Parikrama and Maha Shivratri attract many Jain and Shiva devotees.

Girnar Parvat Mythology

There is a story associated with this place. The story goes that mighty Yavana warrior, Kalayavana, was drawn to a cave there by Lord Krishna. In that cave one of the forefathers of Lord Rama, Muchukunda, was sleeping. He had helped Devas win against Asuras and received the boon that whoever wakes him will be burnt to ashes. Kalayavana woke him by mistake and was turned to ashes.

Places to visit in Girnar

  • Mount Girnar – famous for having 866 temples that can be reached by climbing 8000 steps. The mountain has 5 peaks as result of volcanic eruptions.
  • Lord Dattatreya Temple – an incarnation of Lord Shiva is worshipped here. It is believed that he used to meditate here. His footprints can be seen here and it is also believed that he was three headed.
  • Goddess Ambe Temple – is situated at the highest peak and attracts a lot of devotees.
  • Rishabhadev Temple – Devoted to Lord Rishabhadev, the first tirthankar of Jains. The temple has many Hindu shrines in its premises and is of beautiful golden color.
  • Toonks of Girnar hill – it is famous for Asoka Rock addict and five toonks. All five toonks are famous, first being famous for many idols in it along with Gaumukhi Ganga spring near it. Second has Ambika Devi temple and third has footprints of Muni Shambuk Kumar. Fourth is famous for footprints of Lord Krishna’s son, Pradayumna. On fifth idol and footprints of Lord Neminath are there.

How to Reach Girnar

Girnar is located in Junagadh district. Junagadh city is situated 35 km away from Girnar. It has a railway station, directly connected to Mumbai via Girnar Express train. It is locally connected to other cities by buses

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